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Introducing OncoSpect by Opticom

OncoSpect is a portable chemotherapy monitoring device for patients with breast cancer. The tool allows for real-time monitoring of breast tumors on a metabolic level, offering functional information equivalent to MRI for a fraction of the cost. In its current state, OncoSpect can be used to monitor breast tumors up to 2 cm in depth. In the future, OncoSpect will evolve to monitor a wider variety of tumors from different malignancies.

About Us

Opticom Team 1
Members of Opticom at the Winter Design Review for the University of California Irvine. Members are, from left to right, Marco Robles, Priyanka Ganesh, Guriqbal Dhariwal, Preston Hoang, and Amin Gosla.

OncoSpect is under development by Opticom, a team of biomedical engineers in association with the Beckman Laser Institute. The members of Opticom are:

Project Lead: Amin Gosla (Optical Systems Engineer, MATLAB Specialist)

Software Lead: Preston Hoang (MATLAB Specialist, Hardware Assembly)

Hardware Lead: Guriqbal Dhariwal (Circuit Designer, Hardware Assembly)

Probe Design: Priyanka Ganesh (3D Modeling, Regulatory Manager)

Marketing Lead: Marco Robles (Purchasing Officer, Circuit Designer)

Opticom Team 2

Contact Us

For more information about OncoSpect or Opticom, contact us at opticomteam@gmail.com

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